Of special interest to the pinguicula fancier:

Phil Wilson's page/ipsg
i urge you to visit phil's page IMMEDIATELY and join the international pinguicula study group. membership is an incredible bargain as you will receive the society's beautiful more or less biannual journal containing excellent color photos, wonderful articles by the masters, and sometimes even the exquisite botanical drawings of stan lampard.
japanese carnivorous plant society page
it is clear that there are several nihongono pinguicula senseis before whom i must bow reverently. one of them is naoki tanabe, who runs the jcps. if you have ever doubted the goodness of the human heart, consider this: the jcps produces a quarterly journal, always containing SHOCKINGLY great color photographs. the journal covers all cp's, but they have dedicated several issues solely to pinguicula. the kind men and women of the jcps even make an english translation of their journal available to the kanji-impaired. how much must one pay for this? a measly 4 irc's (i.e., just the cost of postage) per year!!! (n.b.-the translation is done by a very unsophisticated computer program. the articles are almost always difficult to decipher; the journal is best enjoyed as well-illustrated dadaist machine poetry.) while you are at the post office mailing your membership form to phil wilson/ipsg, buy 4 irc's and send them to:

Naoki Tanabe
1-4-6 Minami Hanazono
Chiba City, Chiba Pref
262-0022 JAPAN

on a related note, you will profit immeasurably by seeking out "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mexican Pinguicula", a fine book by norito 'sethos' inaho. the title speaks for itself; inaho lovingly shares his passion for pings in this well-illustrated, well-researched meditation on these south of the border succubi. all of the 1980's hype about desktop publishing is justified by this book and the jcps journals. these publications are the greatest japanese imports since yellow magic orchestra, ranchu, and the 1982 toyota tercel.

oliver gluch's homepage of carnivorous plants
fettkraut schwarmer oliver gluch has put a great deal of work and love into his site. tons of fantastic photos, cultivation info, even english and french translations. prosit!
kentaro osada's site
osada san has very nice photos of all genera; he presents some excellent snaps of some of the most exciting japanese hybrids.
a world of pinguicula
eric partrat assembles a full roster of international pinguicula heavy hitters in this outstanding web page. si vous les aimez bien roulees, allez-y!
cyber arboretum of napraforgo
a handsome portion of this site dedicated to pinguicula, with sectional classification.
marcy's cp website
a truly beautiful website. features many photos of many species. marcy is clearly an avid collector. of special note are the many ping hybrids featured here. mite!
ping photo portion of ed read's site
the multi-talented ed read presents some fine photos of pinguicula.

other societies of which i am or have been a proud member:

international carnivorous plant society
bay area carnivorous plant society
australian carnivorous plant society
goldfish society of america
oregon carnivorous plant society

other sites that give me pleasure:
sean samia exhibits his masterful hybrids
a very nice dutch site.
capitalism's exculpation: the venerable lego corporation
takashi amano's page
one of my favorite artists: take a look!
biosphere 2
a monument to hubris; nevertheless cool.
planted aquarium magazine
dave gomberg proves once again that the best things come in the 8.5" by 6" format.
dr. john todd, eco processor essay
bechtle painting
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