Things to consider before purchasing:

"The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D" was produced using the anaglyph method of 3D. This is the red/cyan method familiar to most people--a pair of red and cyan glasses selectively block colors, creating the illusion that the images are three-dimensional.

Unfortunately, this method is somewhat fragile. The success of the illusion requires that the viewer's televison or monitor ACCURATELY reproduces the red and cyan colors in the film. If you have ever seen "ghosts" or a double image while watching a 3D movie, it was because the television, projector, or monitor failed to accurately reproduce the red and cyan colors. The glasses consequently failed to filter the correct color, and hence, you saw a double image.

Most televisions are designed to "push" the red colors brighter than the incoming signal, presumably to enhance the appearance of fleshtones. In this context, that means that most televisions have COLOR DISTORTION built in, as a "feature." Consequently, on most televisions, you will perceive a double image while watching "The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D." Generally, this probelm can be easily solved by simply turning down the BRIGHTNESS setting of your television.

We have viewed this DVD on high quality CRT's (the old, heavy, big monitors) without any ghosting difficulties. We have viewed this film on a variety of LCD ("flat panel") monitors without any ghosting difficulties. We did experience several, apparently unresolvable ghosting difficulties when viewing this film on a large, very expensive DLP high definition televison, as it did not seem to have an adjustable BRIGHTNESS setting. Our 10 year-old low-grade television produced some ghosting problems, though these were fixed by adjusting the BRIGHTNESS.

The bottom line is that this film was produced and manufactured correctly. However, the 3D technology is dependant upon variables (the type of monitor or television used) over which we have no control. Therefore, please be advised that you may need to adjust your television or monitor to achieve the best 3D results.